Walsall Connected

Walsall Connected
Walsall Connected is a Walsall Council initiative providing support to people in the community looking for help to access Council services.

Brownhills Community Centre along with 7 libraries and 17 other community partners are now delivering support to residents across the Borough.

Walsall Connected makes digital support accessible for those who need it and with 25 locations now actively delivering the Walsall Connected initiative, everyone who needs help to access Council services online now has somewhere local and convenient that they can go to.

Walsall Connected aims to guide and upskill people to self-serve, enabling access to council online services 24/7 by providing face-to-face support for those who need it.

More services and information are available online than ever before so understanding how to access online services is vital. As well as supporting people to access Council services, Walsall Connected will also teach digital skills, such as using email, online shopping, online banking, and web browsing.

Feedback from the Council’s Resident’s survey in 2021 showed that vulnerable and elderly residents would prefer to access advice and digital support in locations closer to their own homes, to keep travelling time and transport costs down. Walsall Connected has been developed in response to feedback from residents, providing locations where people can access services at their convenience.

Watch this video for more information about the initiative.

You can also visit the council’s webpages

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